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Beauty comes in many forms
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First of all, I love this picture! It's great, showing a tough woman in a tough environment. My very first thought was that you're show...

Hmm, you encouraged me to write my first critique. After viewing other artwork from you I can clearly admit, you have your own precious...

Merry Xmas!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2016, 2:05 AM

... to my 1256 watchers!
Thanks for your support of my works.
I wish you all the presents that you deserve!
And of course may the force be with you!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My deviations show fan-art based on my interests.

If you feel the urge to comment, please use English, or German. To my shame I forgot everything I once learned about Russian, because I never used it.

Commission Info

Prizes are in Euro (€)

Every Character - 10€.
Delilah by EthakarAmy Pinup by Ethakar
Bloodelven Rogue by Ethakar

Mature Content

Grelora by Ethakar

Special Background wishes - 5€
Under normal circumstances I'll choose a suiting background myself, but if the customer insists I can switch to special wishes. Check my gallery to have a look of what is possible.

Heavy postwork - 10€
Asharas escape by Ethakar
This means adding lightnings and other special effects which can't be rendered. To be honest I'm not the best postworker, although a little bit postwork is in every single deviation.

I can do animations, too. But you have to understand, that those will take much more time and will be more complicated. If you want a whole animation, we'll have to talk about it's complexity and I'll make a price then.
Della Walking by Ethakar the seven deadly blades by Ethakar
Amys Training by Ethakar Ashara Walking by Ethakar

I'll also accept NSFW stuff as long it doesn't get too vulgarly.

I'm not doing requests. I'll only do art trades with artists I'm watching myself.

Send me a note here on DA to contact me.

My OC's

Darth Doriala
Doriala Doreau was born on Mirial and had a nice childhood. Together with her older sister Della she had much fun... until the little settlement was attacked by pirates. The pirates slaughtered their way through innocent mirialan farmers who couldn't really defend themselves. As they reached the house of the Doreaus, the parents begged for mercy, but the both little sisters had to witness their death from a safe distance. Della did hide her younger sister Doriala in a large chest and locked it for her protection and did find another secret spot for herself. Unfortunately the pirates took the chest with them to their ship, assuming something valuable might be inside. This was the last time the sisters did see each other.
Finally on the pirate ship the chest was forced open, and to their surprise a child with much anger and fear was staring at them. They did not kill her, just to sell her as a slave wit
Della Doreau
Della Doreau was born in a small mirialan settlement full of farmers. At her age of 9 she lost her parents because of a pirate prey hunt and her little sister Doriala got kidnapped after she tried to hide her in a chest. She blames herself for Dorialas fate and thinks her sister got killed by the pirates after they discovered her.
Della had to live as an orphan on the streets of a mirialan city. She took care of herself, stealing food supplies, never asking her kind people to help her. She was emotionally hardened and was already holding blasters in her hands with the age of 12.

Some years later after a lot of training on empty bottles and rat-like creatures she took a heart and visited her home settlement again, trying to remember, to ho
Major Debora
Debora was born on Corellia and is the only child of two elite soldiers. Her parents died as war-heroes on Alderaan leaving a young daughter behind. She did grow up in military schools and was more like a boy than a girl. She always got into troubles when fighting with other kids of her age. Her teachers saw her potential and did transfer her to a secret military acadamy of the Republic. Again alone she was busy doing sports, had a hard time to evolve relationships and actually started to get shy. She did prefer to punch boys in the face than dating them. She was always the best in all tests, because she did put every energy to building her body into a deadly weapon.
Debora did hate her parents just to die and leave her alone, that's why she abandoned the family name. She never thought about getting another family name and feels that her rank and Debora is enough to call her. She's indeed annoyingly persistant
Lord Daula Violetta Darkblade
Daula was born as the third of four children on Corellia, where her Sith-parents secretly live. Her familiy has a long Sith bloodline, it's the 10th generation. But there is no home sweet home on Corellia. The parents pushed their childs to become powerful Siths. Her two older brothers already died on Korriban during their training, and it caused her so much tears, tears which her parents couldn't effort to waste. She hates her own Sith destiny and is afraid that her little sister will face the same fate in the future. Before Daula left to Korriban she secretly tried to farewell her sister and wholeheartedly hugged her with the wish she never would follow her to Korriban. Without knowing it, she stole all her sisters yet undetected force sensitivity, what gave her a much stronger presence.

Daula did not fail where her brothers failed. Meanwhile she's aware, that she has the ability to
Project IV
Project IV ist the 4th experiment of Darth Shendo. This mad Sith Lord tried to gain more power with hundreds of his own creations serving loyal to only him as master. With each project Darth Shendo was testing a new sick idea. Somehow he was lucky that nearly all experiments were successful. He made over 2 dozens of projects when Project IV developed her own will. Of course this never were supposed to happen. When Project IV started to ask uneasy questions he decided to terminate the project. But somehow in her dispair Project IV could escape the deadly toxins and kill her former master.
Because of her childish naivity she released all other projects from their cells, tubes, or whereever they were imprisoned in the research facility. Too bad, that all other projects still had a loyality signature of their dead master, and so their primary goal is to take revenge for their masters death. Project IV had a hard time to escape and to hide herself. She never liked


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